Keeping books is not only a legal requirement but it shows if you are making money. If your books are up to date, you will be able to see what money you are owed or how much money you are due to pay.

How can we help?

JSJ Accountants can take away the worry of maintaining your books and we will keep your records up to date. You can send us your paperwork weekly, monthly or quarterly, we can then process and update your books. We have two ways of preparing your bookkeeping

Cloud Bookkeeping

Cloud Bookkeeping is an online bookkeeping package, which you can access at any time, ideal if you want to do your own invoicing while we do your bookkeeping.

Computerised Bookkeeping

Computerised Bookkeeping is a service we offer. This is provided with monthly reports. This is more cost efficient, but it does not offer a live service.

VAT returns

VAT returns are how HMRC collect sales tax, there are many items you can claim VAT back for and many that you cannot. In addition, there is a number different VAT schemes which may suit your business.
Our VAT experts are here to guide you through the rules and regulations and help you find the best VAT scheme for your company.
JSJ will prepare your VAT returns and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Prepared for your Accountant

We prepare your books to trial balance stage, as this is the stage that most accountants require. We then forward all records and supporting documents and will liaise with them should they require any additional information.
To find out more about our services please contact us on 01268 330478 or e-mail us at