Company Accounts

Every year your business must prepare company accounts so you can find the amount of tax you owe or are due to be refunded. These figures are not only important for tax; your accounts also tell you how profitable your business has been.

What are Company Accounts?

JSJ will produce a Profit and Loss Account, a Balance sheet and a Tax return for you in a standard set of company accounts. We can also provide additional reports such as

  • Cash flow statement
  • Budgets
  • Business health checks
  • Ratios
  • Costing and break even reports
  • Specialist reports for your business.
  • Management Accounts

Every company has its company accounts done every year, which can be done up to 9 months after the organisation’s year end. Because they can be prepared so far after the end of year, the information can be out of date and too late for you to take advantage of benefits you find in your accounts, or react to any problems. Management accounts are a perfect solution to keep track of your business and see how it is doing.

The main advantage of management accounts, is that they do not have to obey the same strict regulations as annual accounts, so can be more flexible. We can tailor more relevant details in our report, such as how much profit did a project cost, or how are the different parts of your business are doing. This way you get the information that you need to make important decisions.

Management accounts can also be prepared at any time. You may require these to be done after a big project or on a regular basis – you can have them done monthly, quarterly or twice a year so you can check the progress of your business. We can produce these as often as you require.

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