Tax Returns

A personal tax return (which is also known as a “self-assessment tax return” or just “self assessment”) is compulsory if you have been asked to complete one by the HMRC. If you do not complete the return by the deadline, you will be fined.

Self Assessment Tax Return

We offer a service to produce and calculate your tax returns, we meet and review your incomes and produce workings or accounts for self-employment. We then work out if you are due any reliefs such as capital allowances or if you have directly paid tax in advance such as CIS and PAYE we deduct this from the return and finally work out the tax you may owe or is owed to you. After we meet and sign documents and you are happy with the tax return, we send this electronically to HMRC.

Penalties for a late tax return

You should send your tax return, even if you don’t have any tax to pay or you’ve already paid it.

  • 1 day late – £100
  • 3 months – The penalty above (£100) plus £10 for each following day it’s late (up to £900)
  • 6 months – All the penalties above plus £300 or 5% of the tax due (whichever is higher)
  • 12 months – All the penalties above plus £300 or 5% of the tax due (whichever is higher): in serious cases, you may have to pay up to 200% of the tax due

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